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Black polyethylene-based masterbatch

Soucy Techno manufactures black polyethylene-based masterbatches used in industrial and household items for its thermoplastic resin through ISO 9001-compliant processes.

Our black polyethylene-based formulations are tailored to address the customers’ process, UV requirements, color tone, and price point. We can also incorporate ingredients in our black PE-based masterbatches to enhance performance of the resins provided to our client.

Our manufacturing process permits us to disperse fine-particle black for greater UV protection, to perform multiple feeding of ingredients, to have the possibility to process low melting point resins, and to achieve 60% and higher loadings. Moreover, our formulations are designed for HDPE, PP, and PS resins.

Capacity 882,000 lbs/week
Granules 30-50 pellets/g
  • Carbon black masterbatch (up to 60% of carbon black)

  • Polyethylene-based masterbatch

  • Additives or charges can be incorporated as requested

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